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Dear all,

Here's an official announcement.

My Blog has been shifted!

For the updated, tweaked and improved version of my blog,

Thank you for your support! 

With Love,

smile Wednesday, March 28, 2012,9:45 PM

Random quote about women which i found on Youtube.

Hahah quite true huh!! (:

Give a Woman.... Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. ^ So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of crap... ~ Respect her Oh Man, She is a Woman!!! *

Anymous wisdom and love.


smile Wednesday, January 04, 2012,11:16 AM

I have disappeared for a really long time. Been really busy with everything. School, family, relationships, in general. However, I feel empty. Amidst my busy schedule, I have lost touch with myself. Who am I? What inspires me? As I rush through everyday trying to meet expectations, trying to achieve my fullest potential, I failed to consider whether what I am doing is staying true to myself.

I believe this flurried, and sort of aimless, activities, are the result of the lack of a specific goal. Even after everything, I still do not know what I want in life. How sad.

What is my plan for the future? Have I been true to myself? Have I been following my intuition? I am afraid not. The decision to enroll into SMU was already a disastrous one. I knew the school was competitive, I knew I didnt want to do business, I knew I dont like the school culture, and yet, I chose to enroll into the school, instead of going for something which I clearly liked better- comm. studies in NTU.

Why? You may ask. Well, I thought it was the place I could learn to become more outspoken, to cover up my 'flaws' of being introverted and shy.

In secondary school, I also chose to join Band when my first reaction to it was, yikes, no way! I had wanted to join a sport CCA, Hockey, was what I wanted. But a little persuasion from my parents about the sport being dangerous, and I gave up. Gave up the idea of joining a sport cca and ended up in band instead.

In Europe, I wanted to travel alone, to explore, to meet up with my friends. Instead, I ended up sticking to a batch of peeps which I did not even enjoy company with and wasted my whole exchange experience.

Time and time again I betrayed myself. Despite knowing what my heart wanted, I went the direct opposite. Why? I was afraid to step into the unknown. I was lazy. Lazy to make the extra effort to pursue what my heart wanted.

Not only did I betray myself, i think I betrayed my friends too. Feel so bad neglecting them and the WAT incident about me ps-ing weiling will forever be a huge regret.

For my own progress, own interest, I have forsaken the interests of my friends. How bad.

This is now the past and I cannot do anything about it.

However, a new year calls for a new beginning. It is time I revive this blog, and rediscover my path. I will do so by SLOWING DOWN, increasing AWARENESS, and actually taking time off to contemplate.


smile Sunday, May 10, 2009,8:28 AM

On 4th May 2009, me with two other friends, Maurine and Huijun, embarked on a Work and Travel Program to Mackinac Island, Michigan.

The week before was really a stressful week for me due to the outbreak of Swine flu. I almost thought I could not go and many of my friends also advised me against going. However, I felt that it should be alright and decided to go for it. And I'm glad I did! If not I would not be sitting here writing this blog. :)

My parents came to send me off. My angel, Sam came too. Thanks! (:

my parents and i

We took China Airlines from Singapore to Taipei. The ride was around 4hr20mins long. I tried to sleep on the plane but failed. When we reached Taoyuan airport, we got super excited looking for bubble tea and trying out all the taiwan snacks. I must say time there was well spent. We even bought 'tai yang bing'. :)

food area in taipei airport

happy us =D

this is the plane we took to LA

From Taipei, we then took a plane to LA. It was around 11hrs. This is the longest plane ride I've ever sat on and it was sure longggg! I tried to sleep but still to no avail. Though I think I drifted off to sleep for an hour or so. I'm not very sure. Oh before I forget, i would have to thank Marvin for the super comfy airplane pillow! =D

airplane food. chicken and smth.

us at LA airport =DD

We had around 8hours to spare in LA transit. I was really excited because it was my first time in America!! One of the first few things I noted about Americans are that they are really and helpful people! ( well, at least those I met) We decided we would visit Hollywood. However, it was the wrong move because we would soon realize there wasnt enough time. Instead, we ended up at 7th street, which is a few subway stations away from Hollywood.

skyline of LA

Explored the neighbourhood a lil, ate Mexican burritos ( which was so big that 3 of us shared and we still have trouble finishing it) and it was time to head back to the airport! We should have gone somewhere nearby because that trip cost us USD17 just for transport.

us at the subway

Oh. One interesting thing I noted was that their subway ( aka MRT) do not have a barrier to prevent you from entering if you didnt pay. so its based a lot on their integrity! so tempting to just not pay and enter hahaa.

After LA, we took another 4hr10mins plane to Detroit airport. The airport is really nice and high tech with cool infrastructure. The theme is metal. There is even a skytrain inside the airport. Reminds me of an indoor theme park. hahaa.

The last flight was from Detriot to Pellston. Pellston airport is a really small airport. We took a 40mins Northwest planeride there. Pellston airport is really nice with a homely feel. (:
From Pellston, we took Wolverine taxi to Mackinaw City and then a ferry to Mackinac Island!!

i thk these are real! saw it at Pellston airport.

Pellston toilet

Whee. Finally here!!

Mackinac Island is really cold because it is surrounded by the Great Lakes. One of the lakes was lake huron, the largest lake in America. We walked a long way to Mission Point Resort and throughout, I was shivering.

Our quarters is rather cosy and simply furnished with a mirror, table, drawers and a bed. I shared a room with Maurine and Huijun.

our quorum

my room

Met many new friends and most of them are reallly friendly and willing to guide us around.

Tomorrow will be our orientation and i will be starting work on tues. Cant wait! Currently, I can only use the internet in the cafeteria which is quite sad because its a long, cold walk here. haaha.


i shall blog again soon!


smile Tuesday, April 28, 2009,10:40 PM

*sweeps thick layer of dust off*

hello people! happy 2009!

i am finally back blogging. i have decided to revive my blog so that I can blog about my experience in Work and Travel. I will be heading to Mackinac Island, Michigan, next monday. This is so exciting! I will be blogging pictures and my experiences so do look out for them. Hopefully the internet there wont be too slow =X * keeps fingers crossed*

okay til then! i shall enjoy the rest of my time in Singapore!

smile Monday, December 15, 2008,12:04 PM

went out with nch friends yesterday. it was great having a gathering after so long! A total of 7 of us turned up. many werent free. haha quite cool cos we have known each other since pri 1! and tts like..hmm. maybe 12 years ago?! time surely flies!

we ate at shokudo. i ordered this thingy which says tofu steak. somehow i thought it was tofu and steak Zz. in the end it turned up to be just a slab of tofu. so i ate rice and tofu for dinner. hahah. oh and i drink the green tea milkshake which was really nice!! ( see the green tea in the cup beside me!) you guys should try it when visiting shokudo! its smth like green tea mocha or smth.


next we walked about. went to esplanade rooftop and took lotsa lame photos!

we also went to coffee bean to chill after tt. really entertaining listening t everyone's experiences etc!

it was a great outing!

smile Saturday, December 13, 2008,11:42 PM

Was at the commissioning parade today to see daryl finally commission as an officer! he looks so smart in his uniform and im so proud of him! ><
saw many hc people too but i dont they recognize me. should have mixed around more back in JC and not be so antisocial! kind of regret it cos now im so outdated! cheryl knows people in my year which i havent even heard of. =X i must make an effort to get to know more people!! cannot carry the cant be bothered attitude anymore x.X

we met zhuting and we had fun exploring safti and the foxtrot building :)

quite interesting listening to the newly commissioned officers sing songs, march and throw their caps! haaha they all look so smart!! =DD


im tired! nightss! no pictures cos not with me wil upload if i get hold of them! ;)

-just the simple you,

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